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They took a trip back to 1984 and broke it.

Immerse yourself in the ’80s, where Thursday meant Top of the Pops, Sunday meant taping The Top 40, and photos took two weeks to develop.

Thirty-somethings Tash and her brother Jamie didn’t mean to time travel back to October 1984, but bizarrely, they did, on the very day that Bob Geldof watched the BBC news report which moved him to form Band Aid and record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Except their arrival caused him to miss it. So because of them, there’ll be no Band Aid, no USA for Africa, and no Live Aid.

Jamie wants to find Bob and put things right. Tash wants to go straight back to the 21st century – she has a 5-month-old baby waiting for her.

What would YOU do? Go to your baby or feed a million others?

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The work by this incredible new storyteller is crying out to be made into a movie. The books themselves offer an escapism from uncertain times to a more predicable, big hair and big shoulder pad world – a double helping of make you laugh and cry.

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James Crookes

James Crookes was born and raised in Sheffield, where he still lives. He doesn’t really like change.

His first novel “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” saw him blend his passion for comedy with the ultimate decade for pop music, and a little bit of time travel, too: How would two thirty-somethings from 2020 handle life in 1984? Was it really better then?

A sequel to “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” – titled “Did They Steal A Million Yet?” – soon followed.

And then a third, “Wish You Were Here Yet?” – which was also a best seller.

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Do They Know It's Christmas Yet?

Did They Steal A Million Yet?

Wish You Were Here

I want to give people stories that they can read from start to finish. Stories that are nostalgic, funny, and heart-warming.

Take a nostalgic and hilarious trip back to the 80s

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I kept seeing this book pop up in my Facebook timeline and as I love a Christmas read, 80s nostalgia and time travel, I couldn’t resist adding this to my Christmas reading challenge. And I was so glad that I did as it was hugely entertaining, exciting and fun.

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