Imagine if Bob Geldof had been knocked down by a time travelling brother and sister from Sheffield, and he missed the iconic Ethiopia famine TV report which led to him form Band Aid. The sister wants to go home to her newborn baby, the brother thinks they should fix their mess. 

The books have been Number One in the Audible Holiday chart and Number One in the Amazon categories of Music, Pop Culture, TV & Entertainment and Time Travel.

They took a trip back to 1984 and broke it.

Do They Know It's Christmas Yet?

Re-visit Woolworths, Top Of The PopsBlue Peter appeals, bacon flavour Piglets and infuriating 14-day video timers. And meet some of the warmest, funniest characters since Only Fools & Horses, The Royle Family, and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Thirty-somethings Tash and her brother Jamie didn’t mean to time travel back to October 1984, but bizarrely they did on the very day that Bob Geldof watched the BBC news report which moved him to form Band Aid and record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Except their arrival caused him to miss it. So because of them, there’ll be no Band Aid, no USA For Africa, and no Live Aid.

Jamie wants to find Bob and put things right. Tash wants to go straight back to the 21st century – she has a 5-month-old baby waiting for her. What would YOU do? Go to your baby or feed a million others?

Tash and Jamie are back, and no one could be less pleased than her.

Did They Steal A Million Yet?

It’s here… the sequel to “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” – the hilarious comedy novel that joyfully transported us all back to 1984.

They accidentally went to 1984 and broke it. But together they sorted out their mess.

Or so they thought. Now the hapless sister and brother are back, and this time it’s a matter of life or death.

How far would you go to save a life? How about stealing a million pounds? Sometimes you just have to do the wrong thing. Grab a slow-cooker and travel back to December 1984. You’ll want to stay.

"Do They Know It's Christmas Yet?” Part 3 is here!

Wish You Were Here Yet?

So, what happened next? How long can Tash tolerate 1984? And how about 1985… in another country?

The reluctant time travellers are spending one final Christmas together – although only one of them knows it. So, why the hell can’t that be straightforward, either? And do Raymond and Maureen need to be part of every single thing?

Could you play cupid to your brother or sister? And how long would you throw at it? Thirty four years? Grab your passport, this is going to take some time…