Author James Crookes has been writing comedy for TV and radio for more than 20 years. He has contributed to shows on BBC One, CBBC, and CBeebies, along with producing and co-presenting the Bauer Radio breakfast show, Big John @Breakfast, since 2004.

This isn’t for sci-fi fans expecting sonic screw drivers and atom splitting, this is a comedy that drops two millennials into the mid 80s!

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James Crookes

James Crookes was born and raised in Sheffield, where he still lives. He doesn’t really like change.

His first novel “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” saw him blend his passion for comedy with the ultimate decade for pop music, and a little bit of time travel, too: How would two thirty-somethings from 2020 handle life in 1984? Was it really better then?

A sequel to “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” – titled “Did They Steal A Million Yet?” – soon followed.

And then a third, “Wish You Were Here Yet?” – which was also a best seller.

James has been writing comedy for TV and radio for over twenty years. He’s contributed to shows on BBC One, CBBC and CBeebies, along with producing and co-presenting a Bauer Radio breakfast show: Big John @ Breakfast since 2004.

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I was a teenager when Band Aid released “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” and even then was fascinated about the serendipity of Bob Geldof seeing that news report on that particular night. What if he’d missed it? So I worked backwards from what was happening in the UK at that time, and the C5 was a matter of months away from its launch. Then it sort of fell into place.

I want to be more Jamie; his attributes share many traits with my eldest daughter. I suspect I’m more like Tash; impatient, hectic and feeling I should be somewhere else all the time. But I don’t share my frustrations as readily as she does. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing her!

Of course I do. The truth will reveal itself! I’m loving the journey.

I adored Wham! but didn’t want to write about celebrities back then, or put words in their mouths (okay, I deviated a little in book two with two famous names), so thought I would name the parents after George and Andrew / Andrea.

Smash Hits.

Not at all. I think 84 and 85 were particularly good years for music, with a rich catalogue of songs that still resonate today. But I like to create new memories with new music. I love Jessie Ware, Bat For Lashes, Laura Mvula, The 1975, The Weeknd. But always end up with favourite tracks, so I prefer my own playlists.

Absolutely not, it was illegal.*


It is! Each one takes ages to record and produce, but I want to make sure that I portray each character as I see them. I’m blown away by the kind feedback from listeners.

I would love to see that happen. I was approached by a major UK producer and broadcaster about “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?” which was incredibly flattering – and can’t believe I am saying this – but, we disagreed on the treatment of a screen adaptation. But I live in hope.